Influencer marketing is more than a passing fad and a crucial part of it is videos. Videos are getting integrated in our lives like never before. A report published by Demand Metric indicates that 70% of marketers are now using video as a part of their marketing strategies. Another 82% of marketers experience reported success with video marketing initiatives. A recent study shows that an online video is worth 1.8 Million. These numbers show that video marketing is a sure shot road to success. Listed below are the secret sauce to great video marketing;

What is the objective?

Will anyone want to watch that?

1. Don’t be a penny pincher: 

Video content is always going to be an expensive affair as compared to the traditional marketing avenues. Budgeting is an important aspect, but pinching costs can be fatal. British Airways is a classic example that comes to mind when we talk about good content marketing, irrespective of the budget involved. They go a step ahead and make dreams come true, such a great brand recall.

2. Be adventurous: