About Us

What you need to know about Fluenz

Opportunist platform for both brands and influencers to create great content

A value driven transparent tool for easy digital campaign execution

Platform for regular brand-influencer engagement

Ensures a regular source of income for the influencers

Enabler of highly targeted, highly personalised and purely views based returns from Digital Campaigns

Germinating the ecosystem

For Influencer
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Opportunity to connect, and build relationship with some of the biggest brands.

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Hook for regular engagement and content production.

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Ad Network

Transparent and CPM based Ad network to ensure you never have to worry about revenues.

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An opportunistic platform for influencers to learn from the experts and take the next big jump.

For Brands
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One step solution for the digital outreach of your brand.

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Brand River

Catch upon everything that your favourite brands and influencers are doing in real time.

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Enabler of highly targeted and personalised campaigns with measurable ROI.

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An easy to manage and execute Ad network platform.

Services Offered

As a SAS product, fluenz caters to a lot of services individually. Some of the services that we cater to are as follows

Digital PR and Content Production-
Have a news that you would want the influencers of the digital world to cover?

CPM Based Ad Serving-
A simple and uncomplicated Ad Serving platform with your best interests at heart. Always.

Social Media Publication-
Rope in the right influencers for your brand and collaborate with them on producing great content.

Social Media Amplification-
Need your brand message to go far and sound in the land of Digital? We have your back.

Content Rehashing-
Use contextually relevant content and host it in a unique environment set by your brand.

Custom campaign-
We are always open to doing something challenging and unique. You have an idea? We will execute it.

Who do we cater to?



PR Agencies